We are, in short, a dedicated, multinational background simulation player group in Elite: Dangerous.
We count players based in Europe, Asia and North America among our numbers.

Our uniting principle is our support for the communist factions around Manite in the in-game universe.
We are not an especially doctrinaire group - we have no overarching socialist affiliations and do not spend time debating real world ideological differences.
Our members have arrived at their in-game political convictions through their own journeys, and we believe that it is this journey that matters.

We do not endorse any particular ideological line within communism, and welcome real-world leftists of various doctrines.
Communism Interstellar instead focuses on maintaining the end-goal of all communists: the post-scarcity, fully automated communism that has been theorised by Marx and Engels, which is found in the 34th century in Elite: Dangerous, resembling the societies portrayed in Star Trek, Culture, Noon Universe and many other sci-fi franchises that have reached post-scarcity.

You can join our Discord by clicking on the button above.
If you wish to join the group itself, you must read through and accept the articles of association(which are found on our Discord) and provide a screenshot proving your Allied status with any Communist faction in the game.